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The legendary country music group ALABAMA hails from right here in Fort Payne, Alabama, and is commemorated in larger than life bronze statuary next to City Park. Thousands of fans visit each year to pay tribute and have their picture taken with Randy, Jeff, Teddy, and Mark.

The Alabama Fan Club and Museum attracts many visitors each year to its newly re-visioned museum and retail store. Fan Appreciation Week is celebrated every year in the month of June.


Fort Payne Hosiery Museum

Fort Payne Hosiery Museum, located in the Opera Block, the Hosiery Museum houses exhibits from the industry's beginning in Fort Payne - through its zenith when it was known as the "Official Sock Capitol of the World," to current times with the renaissance of the sock industry with ZKANO organic cotton socks which are made locally and shipped throughout the US. 514 Gault Avenue North, Fort Payne, AL. 35967


WB Davis Hosiery Mill

WB Davis Hosiery Mill, operating now as The Big Mill Co. Artisans and Antiques and Vintage 1889 Restaurant, this hosiery mill employed during the turn of the century and early 1900's. 151 8th St. NE, 35967. Also a designated location for having your Alabama Bicentennial Passport stamped.


Fort Payne Depot

The Fort Payne Depot - The Richardson Romanesque-style depot was built in 1891 and now functions as a museum with exhibits from 1800-1900s. 105 5th St. NE, Fort Payne, AL


City Park

City Park was opened in 1889 across from the DeKalb Hotel and was planted with maple, Ginko and evergreen trees, some of which remain. Today, markers provide historical information about Fort Payne's Past, features an original fountain from the DeKalb Hotel, (lost to fire in 1918) a community pavilion, picnic tables and children's playground.


ALABAMA Walking Park

ALABAMA Walking Park features a walking trail, connecting downtown Main Street with The Big Mill Artisans and Antiques, complete with exercise equipment, dog walking area (leash only), a pavilion for picnics and birthday parties children's splash park, and a fabulous children's playground designed and manufactured by Fort Payne company PlayCor.


Rotary Pavilion

Rotary Pavilion, used for many community events and concerts, this open-air pavilion is available for rental.


Patriots Park

Patriots Park, across from Rotary Pavilion is the recently constructed Patriots Park, honoring DeKalb County veterans and first responders.


Pete the Cat's Alley

Pete the Cat's Alley - Coming soon, August 2018. Did you know that James Dean, creator of Pete the Cat is from Fort Payne, Alabama? Visit Pete's Alley for free WiFi, learn about Pete the Cat, view our City map, and sit for a spell.


Fort Payne Cabin Site

Fort Payne Cabin Site, project of Landmarks, the Historic Association of DeKalb County Alabama, the Cabin Site is part of the property seized by federal troops in 1837 to establish a fort for Native American removal. The Benge Detachment, with more than 1000 Cherokee, left Fort Payne in October 1838. Research indicates that the cabin belonged to a Cherokee, Spirit or John Huss. The site is certified as an official component of the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. 106 4th St. Fort Payne, AL 35967


Fort Payne Opera House

The Fort Payne Opera House built during the city’s industrial boom in 1889, Fort Payne’s Opera House is the only one in the State of Alabama still in use. The establishment has been used as a movie house, live theatre, and a public forum. The Opera House opened in September 1890, built during Fort Payne’s boom period, and was converted during the era of silent movies. Closed in October 1935. Purchased by Landmarks of DeKalb County, Inc. 1969, and renovated, restored and reopened to the public in 1970. The Opera House is the oldest theatre in Alabama located in a building originally constructed as a theatre. Listed in National Register of Historic Places and the National Register of 19th Century Theatres in America. The Opera House still hosts live theatrical events periodically.
Located at: 510 Gault Avenue North
Opera House & Hosiery Museum is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10:00 – 3:00 or by appointment: (256) 845-6888


Dekalb Theatre

The Dekalb Theatre is listed with with a seating capacity of 500. It is still in use and has been gracefully restored as a multi-purpose venue.

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